Tuesday, April 24, 2001 - 03:34:04 PST
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"I give you permission to play as terran if u like :P (DeathHawk)" - Grazz


This is the decleration of The New Republic, The New Republic headed by the ancient ones otherwise knows as STD.

We are no longer restrained by our confines of Battle.Net there is a whole World Wide Web full of games for us to conquer and control for ourselves, I believe it is our mission to unite as many people in as many universes as possible. The New Republic shall fullfill it's mission to dominate the internet in all things, by starting with the gaming community. Many People have put much time into this Clan and It means alot to them, as do the people in it.

This Clans meaning above all else it to have fun. However there are guidelines that will run this community.


The New Republic Government is very simple.

  • We have few rules and are mostly a democracy however the leaders and founders are supreme so in a way it is a Democratic Dictatorship.
  • Our Founders are almigty. All Members will know, listen to and never countermand anything done or said by Founders.
  • There are four leaders who control the clan from various aspects. From appointing Lieutenancy, to handling member conflicts, above all they are here to guide the community.

Our government is pretty straight forward and pretty laid back because we are here for fun as well as domination of the gaming community.

General Conduct

Here are a few basic guidelines to remember while in this clan.

  1. All Leaders orders are to be followed without question as are the Founders.
  2. Leaders and The Founders may contradict any order they desire to. This does not mean you may also.
  3. The rest of the clan does not rule on the Leader's Conduct(s), if any situation arises that a Leader(s) has done something to hurt the rest of the clan, the Founders and other Leaders will take care of the situation.
  4. All members will respect other members wishes. If you and a member are talking about what can be considered a delicate situation and you are asked to stop, take the conversation elsewhere.
  5. To be fair we flip the token to the otherside. if a large number of people are talking about a socially unreedemable topic and one person is offended that person has the ability to leave the game or room.
HOWEVER WE ARE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS and if it is an offending conversation IT WILL STOP. If in doubt refer to the FCC guidelines, if they find it offending we find it offending.

If more than one instance of any conduct breaking happens measures will be taken to curb future behavior.


Recruitment may be carried out by ANY clan member OR recruit wishing to. However due to the fact we have so many members the Leaders or the Lieutenants may request a testing of any new recruit. If the member does not meet the level of excellence the Leader or Lieutenant wants he may be discharged at the Lieutenant's or Leader's discretion.


New Recruits to the Clan must meet certain criteria.

  1. They MUST at least have played the game they are applying for membership in for a minimum of two weeks so that they understand the basics, and are able to be taught and able to improve.
  2. They MUST at least be able to play five hours a week (Monday-Sunday).
  3. They MUST have an instant messanger (preferably ICQ), Email, and an IRC Client of their choice.
  4. They MUST be able to attend at least ONE clan meeting on IRC per advancement cycle. (every two months)
  5. They MUST visit the website after talk of joining takes place.
  6. They MUST fill out a join application and post on the main message board immediatly.
  7. They MUST be able to visit the page and check the forums at least three times weekly.


In a game-war situation, game rankings come before clan rankings. (Except in the case of Leaders. Their orders are always first.)

Example: The Counter-Strike Lieutenant isn't around for a practive or match. The Diablo 2 Lieutenant does not have authority to take command of the CounterStrike members. (unless given authority to do so by a leader or the C.S. leader himself). Instead, the High Council are in the position of authority.

In a briefing room situation, clan rankings come before game rankings.

Example: In the situation above but in a briefing room, the Diablo 2 Lieutenant would have more authority then the CounterStrike High Council.


Cheating will not be tolerated in ANY way shape or form, from any member. Cheating will result in immediate reduction of rank to member. If the Cheating is severe enough you will be discharged from duty of the clan.

CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This includes: hacking, unfair practices, using multiple computers to better a game rank. Bugs will not be exploted by any clan member, and should be immediately reported to the company's support center or bug reporting center.


There are few punishments within the clan. We can all guess the most severe punishment and if you can't you shouldn't be in this clan.


Founders: Storm Troopers of Death have been around four years. These members are the ones who started the clan with the games Warcraft 2, Diablo 1, and StarCraft.

Leaders: There are 4 Leaders who control the clan from various aspects. War, Peace, Conquest, Expansion, Intelligence, Information, Environment and Conduct of the clan’s members. Leaders words are FINAL.

Lieutenants: Lieutenancy shall be given to members deemed worthy by the leaders. They will essentially be in charge of a game universe. They will be in charge of all things for their universe, and will also be allowed two "High Council" who will assist in all matters of their area of the Clan.

High Council: High Council will be appointed by the Lieutenants of their area. They will reside respectfully above other regular members of the clan. High Council Members will handle day to day operations, and help make new laws. High Council will maintain and make sure all rules within the Clan are followed, they will be in charge of putting together lists of members once monthly. They will be in charge of rankings; pending final decisions by the Lieutenants and Leaders.

Officers: Officers are people who have proven worthy and loyal but do not have the ability to lead the masses. This position is offered in recognition of their loyalty to the clan.

Warriors: Members who represent STD well and are active fill this ranking. These are members who are active, and take initiative in the clan.

Members: Members are people who have been in the clan for two months. This is the bulk of the clan.

Recruits: Recruits are people who are just recruited, and will stay as a recruit for a maximum of two weeks, or until you prove yourself worthy, loyal, and trustful. Once we have confidence in recruits, they will be promoted to our full-fledged ranks where the leaders deem appropriate.

Ghosts: Inactive members are considered Ghosts. Members will stay here for a maximum of one month, then they will be taken off membership. If you decide to become active again, fill out the join application, or notify the appropriate Lieutenants of your intention to pick up on matches.

This charter may be changed or modified at any time by the Leaders and the Founders.