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Zerg Strategies
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Mutalisk Rush

Zerg Strategies

Introduction Grazz
Extractor Trick Grazz
Hatchery Builds Grazz
Scouting Grazz
Lurker Rush Grazz
Lurker Drop Grazz
Mutalisk Rush
Zergling/Mutalisk Combo Grazz
Mass Drop Grazz

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The advantage of the zerg race is there ability to mass with relatively low resources. With the ability to create buildings and troops with fewer minerals then the opponents it also leads to easier map control. In this article, I’ll go over some basic strategies and defensive tactics.

Extractor Trick:

At the start of the game as with all races you will want as many drones as you possibly can get for increased mineral flow. The extractor trick just lets you pump out 1 more drone before you make your first overlord.

Build order:

- Make drones until you reach 9 supply
- Make an extractor
- Build another drone to reach 9 supply again
- Cancel extractor. You should now have 10/9 supply now.
- Overlord

This gets you ahead in your mineral production for early expansions etc.

Hatchery Builds

There are many different ways people go about making hatcheries. I am going to go over some of the basic hatchery build orders. But the general idea is to produce a second hatchery as soon as you can.

Close Hatchery:

As soon as you get 300 minerals, place a hatchery right near the original hatchery followed right after by the pool. This is ideal if your massing lings early on in the game for a quick attack. It also offers good production speed.

Ramp Hatchery:

a) This is the method I will use most of the time because of the fact that it blocks scouting attempts as soon as you can defend your choke with a couple of sunken colonies.

b) Ramp Hatchery + Bottom Hatchery: This is great if you can get it up without your opponent attacking it first. It places the 3rd hatch just below the end of your ramp. I suggest going:

10 hatch
11 pool
12/13 mins
14-16 sunkens above hatch
14 hatch
15-17 sunken on below hatch

This will give you extra protection for your main as combined with your troops. It also causes a lot of confusion as to what your opponent is to attack first; the troops or the 4-5 sunken colonies. Also it protects the entrance to your natural.

Natural Hatchery:

Once you have 9 drones, save up 300 minerals and expand to your natural. This is a popular approach because once established it gets you ahead in mineral/gas production as compared to your opponent.

Far Expansion Hatchery:

In a 1v1, FFA or a large map send a drone to one of the empty main bases and start an expansion there. Try to do it so that you send the drone after the opponent has scouted you so that they will tend to forget the other main bases and concentrate on your original base.


Scouting is very important throughout the game as with any race. Zerg have some advantages that the other races do not have. For these examples I am going to use the map; The Lost Temple.

Overlord Positioned over a Cliff

This is a perfect way to scout out your opponents natural expansion with them not even knowing it for a good part of the game. Also place an overlord at YOUR cliff to prevent cliff drops as they can be deadly if you are unprepared and might cost you the game.

Overlord Positioned over a Protoss Base

During the early part of the game, a Protoss opponent has no way of defending against a scouting overlord in his base. If he throws up cannons, move somewhere else to avoid them. If you see a Cybernetics Core, get out of his base because you can be sure Dragoons are on the way.

Overlord Positioned over a Island

Having an overlord on an island helps to detect drops as well as catch island expansion attempts.


You can place burrowed Zerglings throughout the entire map without them ever being detected except by detectors. This is the best way to keep an eye on your enemy because you can basically have the entire map covered at a pretty low cost.

These are the most basic tactics every zerg player should know. With these in mind we can move on to some actual strategies.

Lurker Rush

This can be absolutely deadly to a Terran and a Protoss player as well. Protoss have a better chance to defend against it, because they can get detection fairly early with cannons.

Build Order:

9 extractor
10 pool
10/14 Gas
15 Hydra Den
15-18 mins

After you get the lair start the lurker upgrade. As soon as you get a pool you might want to throw up a few sunken colonies or 4 lings to defend the ramp. Make 3 hydras before the upgrade is finished then morph them as soon as you get the upgrade and head for their base. Scouting is important as well as to see if they have cannons, scan or turrets. Group the lurks for easy burrowing and go to there ramp. Immediately make lings to go long with the lurkers. After you take down their ramp defense, move up and wait for the zerglings. With the Zerglings and the Lurkers, attack the probes to damage his economy.

Lurker Drop

If you choose to execute a drop with the above build order, it’s probably a good idea to get another hatch at your natural and pump out some lings after your Lair because you will need a lot more time and gas for your upgrades to be able to put together a drop. Again, you should aim to kill the workers first.

Mutalisk Rush

Make 4 Drones and send the Overlord to your opponent's base. When the fourth Drone (8/9 control) has hatched, get it started on a Spawning Pool. Morph Drones until control is exhausted, then produce an Overlord. Once you've started the Overlord, mutate an Extractor and morph another drone. The Spawning Pool and Overlord should finish about the same time; once they do, pull four Drones off minerals and order them to gather Vespene. Morph four Drones for mineral gathering (to replace the workers gathering Vespene). As soon as you reach 150/100, evolve the Hatchery into a Lair. As the Lair morphs, spawn a second Hatchery and a couple of Sunken Colonies or half a dozen Zergling, depending on what your opponent is doing. Be sure to have a free Drone and 200/150 on hand when the Lair is complete. As soon as the Lair is finished, mutate a Spire. Produce base defense as necessary, but be sure to hatch three additional Overlords before the Spire is complete. When the Spire finishes, produce Mutalisk and attack when prepared.

Zergling and Mutalisk Combo

One of the hardest combinations to beat as zerg is the Mutaling and Zergling Combo. Zerglings can be pumped out at a fast pace once you get an expansion up and mutalisks build fairly quick and are relatively cheap to make as well (100/100).

There really isn’t a build order here because you can do so many different combos of expansions. It also depends on what your opponent is doing. Your main goal is to tech to get a spire as soon as you can. You should use a minimum of 3 hatcheries to pull this strategy off.

When you have all the units you think you need, take the mutalisks and fly right into the peon lines. When your opponent sends his units to defend against the mutas, this is a good time to send the lings to the front lines and you have him boxed in. Keep making units throughout this because you will need all the support you can get from back at home. Even as Terran DeathHawk always seems to win using mutas and lings because of the easy production and maneuverability capabilities of this combination.

Mass Drop

Again you need at least three but preferably 4 hatcheries for this strategy. It’s really very easy and you will win at least 80% of the time if it goes undetected. All you have to do is pump out 12 overlords over a period of time and fill them with units. The great part about this strategy is that whenever it is used mid or late game it always does tons of damage and you will usually win fairly easily after even if you lose all the units in the drop. When you do drop go first for the peons, then if there guarded go for the area with the most buildings so they will suffer the full force of the attack. Do not run straight into stimmed marines and if you run into air defense such as valkeries or corsairs, unload quickly so you don’t lose everything.